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Welcome to My Journey Through SwiftUI:

    Hey everyone! Just a heads-up, you can now preorder my book “An iOS Developer’s Guide to SwiftUI“. Super excited for you to check it out!

    An iOS developer's guide to SwiftUI is available for preorder on Amazon!

    I’m Michele Fadda, and I’ve been on a fascinating journey with SwiftUI, Apple’s innovative framework for building user interfaces. I wrote “An iOS Developer’s Guide to SwiftUI” to share this journey with you. This book is a reflection of my experiences, learnings, and the joy I’ve found in using SwiftUI to create beautiful, efficient iOS applications.

    My Approach to SwiftUI

    When I first encountered SwiftUI, I was captivated by its declarative nature. This approach, where you describe what you want rather than how to create it, felt like a breath of fresh air. In this book, I delve into how SwiftUI allows us to think about UI in a new way, focusing on defining our interface’s structure and behavior, and letting the system handle the rendering. This shift in perspective can significantly streamline the development process.

    Beyond Surface-Level Learning

    What I aim to offer in this guide is not just a series of tutorials but a deeper understanding of SwiftUI. I believe that knowing ‘why’ something works the way it does is as important as knowing ‘how’ to do it. This book gradually introduces more advanced concepts like animations, gestures, navigation, and structured concurrency, all within the context of building solid and scalable mobile applications.

    Practical Knowledge You Can Apply

    I’ve structured each chapter to be clear and digestible, filled with code snippets that I encourage you to use in your projects. It’s important to me that you can immediately apply what you learn, whether it’s adding an animation to your app or understanding how to structure your code for better maintainability and scalability. No unexplained “architectures” of dubious origin; instead, I explain sound architectural principles that you can apply yourself.

    For Everyone Embarking on Their SwiftUI Journey

    Whether you’re just starting out in iOS development or you are re an experienced developer looking to explore new horizons with SwiftUI, I’ve written this book with you in mind. I start from the fundamentals, laying a solid foundation before we venture into more complex territories together.

    I invite you to explore the possibilities of SwiftUI. Your journey into mastering SwiftUI starts here, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s learn and grow together in this ever-evolving landscape of iOS development.

    Dive into “An iOS Developer’s Guide to SwiftUI” and discover its depths. Your feedback is precious to me, so please share your thoughts after reading it. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in iOS development.

    My Book is available on Kindle and in paper format.

    Start your SwiftUI adventure today: Available for preorder Now.
    The publishing date is 03-05-2024.

    What you will learn

    • Get to grips with UI coding across Apple platforms using SwiftUI
    • Build modern apps, delving into complex architecture and asynchronous programming
    • Explore animations, graphics, and user gestures to build responsive UIs
    • Respond to asynchronous events and store and share data the modern way
    • Add advanced features by integrating SwiftUI and UIKit to enhance your apps
    • Gain proficiency in testing and debugging SwiftUI applications

    Who this book is for

    This book is for iOS developers interested in mastering SwiftUI, software developers with extensive iOS development experience using UIkit transitioning to SwiftUI, as well as mobile consultants and engineers who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the framework. Newcomers equipped with knowledge of Swift, UIkit, XCode, and asynchronous programming will find this book invaluable for launching a career in mobile software development with iOS.

    Table of Contents

    1. Exploring the Environment – Xcode, Playgrounds, and SwiftUI
    2. Adding Basic UI Elements and Designing Layouts
    3. Adding Interactivity to a SwiftUI View
    4. Iterating Views, Scroll Views, FocusState, Lists, and Scroll View Reader
    5. The Art of Displaying Grids
    6. Tab Bars and Modal View Presentation
    7. All About Navigation
    8. Creating Custom Graphics
    9. An Introduction to Animations in SwiftUI
    10. App Architecture and SwiftUI Part I: the Practical Tools
    11. App Architecture and SwiftUI Part II – the Theory
    12. Persistence with Core Data
    13. Modern Structured Concurrency
    14. An Introduction to SwiftData
    15. Consuming REST Services in SwiftUI
    16. Exploring the Apple Vision Pro